And these won’t get covered in ingredients

How to create a recipe database

For any professional chef or passionate spare time cooker, having an easy-to-use recipe database is an important aspect for each type of cooking and often acts as the “gps” for ingredients to reach their end destination as a finished dish. I’ve compiled a list of 3 efficient ways to manage and store your recipe database digitally so you can avoid your index cards or note books being filled with eggs or maple syrup.

1. Google Sheets

Google Sheets is a great way to organize a myriad of different databases and is used by chefs (and practically every professional organization) in some shape and…

If 2020 was the year of work-from-home, 2021 will gradually be easing into what the future of the office will look like: a hybridized home-and-office paradigm.

The reason this term casts such a wide net is because everyone’s situation will be notably different. Some businesses will return in full force (once they’re able to) and will resume the office life that they formerly lived, while other organizations may never have a formal office again. …

Let’s start by addressing the obvious; businesses are made up of people.

This might pose the question: “In what ways does B2B (business to business) product management and ad hoc product management differ from the B2C (business to consumer) management and development processes if the end user is a person either way?”

The keys to success as a B2B Product Manager is understanding where to walk the line between the feedback and needs of who you’re selling to and who your end users are.

Understand Both Ends of the Sales Process

Consumer softwares aims to solve a problem for a high volume of individuals. Because of this…

With black Friday and cyber Monday around the corner and many SaaS deals already active our team decided to put together a list of the best SaaS deals that you and your businesses cannot live without this coming year. To save our readers the time we only selected the highest quality deals both in terms of value and services offered !

Happy Holidays and Enjoy the Savings!


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It seems from all of the new trends in 2021, such as ordering your groceries through Instacart or your dinner on UberEats, that managing remote teams that work from home is most likely a trend that will become more mainstream, if not the new norm. According to the Boston Globe 20% of the United States population worked from home prior to Covid 19 and that number has tripled as the pandemic continues.

Given that companies both large and small are undergoing this massive cultural shift from conducting business in beautiful skyscraper offices to working remote, we decided to compile a…

One of the main purposes of your business is to satisfy the customers. Running a company is nothing if the people using your services are not loyal to you. This is the lifeline of your business and not only one of the best ways to earn revenue, but also to attract more clients and keep your business running and growing.

However, in order to keep your clients satisfied, you will need to know what they think about you. All of the successful businesses these days are listening to customers to create the best experience for them. …

Customer churn is a crucial metric to every SaaS business that Product managers, account executives and sales reps try to keep as low as can be. Churn is obviously a metric that can change over a company’s life-cycle, for example a company in the early stages of launching a product with one engineer will most likely have a great deal of user experience issues and may experience higher churn rates initially than a company like Salesforce or that is much more established. …

One of the most common questions on any product demo or sales call is does your product integrate with “this software”? Or I need to be working on “this tool” since it’s industry specific such as it — handles all of our contracts and there is no comparable replacement how well do you guys integrate? For any company trying to develop themselves as a market leader there is no better way to do that than by having a thought out integration strategy. …

If you love reading product management newsletters and blogs — then you know that there is a weak side on how relevant they can be. Often, you end up looking for case studies and more practical methods and tactics that can improve your work immediately.

Then you know how challenging that journey can be.

But this is where product management communities come as a lifesaver. Simply ask a question and hope that someone who has been there and done that — will save you hours of research. …

In this ever evolving digital world, having the right set of tools is crucial for any agency’s success. This is true whether it pertains to operating the most efficiently, pleasing your clients and generating new business as well. It is very surprising that more than 40% of agencies are still managing everything on notepads + excel.

A large factor for why so many “digital agencies” are not adopting with the times is because there are many different solutions out there for: web design, project management, client management; that it is super difficult to select and then implement the correct one…

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